Graduate Program in Demography

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Demography Training
NICHD Postdoctoral Family Demography Traineeships

NICHD Predoctoral Family Demography Traineeships

Each year, approximately 70 trainees are enrolled in a program that best fulfills their prior academic training, research interests, and career goals. Penn State does not offer a self-standing predoctoral degree in Demography only. Since initiating Ph.D. training in the early 1960s at Penn State, more than 200 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded to students who designated demography/population studies as a major area of study.

A Ph.D. minor in Demography is available to Penn State graduate students in programs other than the dual-degree programs listed above. A minor in Applied Statistics is available to Demography students through the Department of Statistics.

Penn State offers seven Graduate School approved dual-degree programs in Demography:

National Ranking

The Penn State Graduate Program in Demography earned a No. 5 summary ranking among 120 universities offering demography/population science training, according to the just-released National Research Council quality of U.S. research and doctoral programs evaluations.

The Penn State Graduate Program in Demography was ranked in the top five population science training programs (within sociology) in the United States by the 2006 U.S. News and World Report evaluation of doctoral programs. Penn State's Demography program is unique in offering not one but seven Graduate School awarded dual-Ph.D. degrees in Demography (i.e., Sociology and Demography, Anthropology and Demography, etc.). With a yearly average of just over 60 registered Ph.D. students from the seven participating disciplines, this is one of the largest and most interdisciplinary predoctoral Demography training programs in the U.S.

The Penn State dual-degree training paradigm philosophy is to promote student development of expertise and skills in demographic theory, methodologies, and policy that articulate with the scholarship and professional identity of their social, behavioral, or health science disciplines. The Graduate School dual-degree diploma provides clear evidence of training credentials in two fields, thereby broadening career opportunities.


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