9th Annual Symposium - Children's Influence on Family Dynamics: The Neglected Side of Family Relationships

Date 12/06/01 to 12/07/01
Location Penn State University

From the Preface

Any parent who has raised more than one child is likely to be keenly aware of subtle or even striking differences among their offspring. Although siblings raised together in the same family often differ markedly in terms of gender, temperament, abilities, interests, personality, choices of friends and activities, and so on, all too often family researchers have ignored individual differences in children. The central premise of this volume is that children bring personal qualities to their relationships with other family members that help shape family interaction, family relationships, and even family processes that family researchers have called "parenting". Here we address ways in which children's personal qualities make their mark on families in ways that may in turn influence children's subsequent development.

What Features of Children Shape Family Relationship and How?

Presider: Elizabeth Susman, The Pennsylvania State University

Lead Speaker: David Reiss, George Washington University

Kathlene McCartney, Harvard University
Xiaojia Ge, University of California-Davis
J. Richard Udry, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

What Role Does Infant and Early Childhood Temperament Play in the Development of Relationship with Parents?

Presider: Leann Birch, The Pennsylvania State University

Lead Speaker: Susan Crockenberg, University of Vermont

Cynthia Stifter, Pennsylvania State University
James McHale, Clark University
Pamela Cole, Pennsylvania State University

What Role Do Adolescents Play in Actively Shaping Their Relationships with Parents, Siblings, and Friends/Peers

Presider: Karen Bierman, The Pennsylvania State University

Lead Speaker: Hökan Stattin, Örebro University

Discussants: Elizabeth Menaghan, Ohio State University
Gene Brody, University of Georgia
Deborah Capaldi, Oregon Social Learning Center

How Do Children Affect Parents' Marriage and Other Family Relationships?

Presider: Lynn Liben, The Pennsylvania State University

Lead Speaker: Eleanor Maccoby, Stanford University

Susan McHale, Pennsylvania State University
Margaret Kerr, Örebro University
Nicki Crick, University of Minnesota

Book Citation

Crouter, Ann C. and Alan Booth (2003). Children's Influence on Family Dynamics: The Neglected Side of Family Relationships. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

To purchase the book: www.psypress.com

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