5th Annual Symposium -- Transitions to Adulthood in a Changing Economy: No Work, No Family, No Future?

Date 10/30/97 to 10/31/97
Location Penn State University

From the Preface

The transition to adulthood takes place in an economic landscape characterized by a widening gap between rich and poor. Downsizing, global competition, and technological change have made jobs scarce in many areas, especially inner cities. Delays in marriage and parenthood are increasingly common. Cohabitation and prolonged residence with parents characterize the life choice of many young adults. How are young people's early family experiences related to the paths they take in early adulthood? What role does adolescent employment play in youth's subsequent development? How do young men and women combine work and close relationships? Who are the winners and losers at this critical life transition?

How Have Alterations in the Structure of Opportunity Affected Transitions to Adulthood?

Lead Speaker: Martha Hill, University of Michigan

William Aquilino, University of Wisconsin
J. Lawrence Aber, Columbia University School of Public Health's National Center for Children in Poverty
John Laub, Northeastern University
Lynn White, University of Nebraska

How Do Prior Experiences in the Family Affect Transitions to Adulthood?

Lead Speakers: Larry Bumpass and Kathy Musick, University of Wisconsin

Martha Cox, University of North Carolina
Ronald Rindfuss, University of North Carolina
William Axinn, Pennsylvania State University

How Do Prior Experiences in the Workplace Set the Stage for Transitions to Adulthood?

Lead Speaker: Jeylan Mortimer, University of Minnesota

Steven Hamilton, Cornell University
Joseph Holtz, University of Chicago
Wayne Osgood, The Pennsylvania State University

Career Development and Marriage Formation in a Period of Rising Inequality: Who Is at Risk? What Are Their Prospects?

Lead Speaker: Valerie K. Oppenheimer, University of California at Los Angeles

John Modell, Carnegie Mellon University
Julia Graber, Columbia University
Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

Book Citation

Booth, Alan, Ann C. Crouter, and Michael J. Shanahan (1999). Transitions to Adulthood in a Changing Economy: No Work, No Family, No Future?. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.

To purchase the book: www.psypress.com

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