Work of Penn State Demographer Informs new Federal Immigration Policy

By Karen Appold

It is extremely challenging to produce estimates of the characteristics of the unauthorized immigrant population, but a demographer at Penn State and her team were successful in doing just that when they designed a new methodology and provided estimates that will be used to shape Federal policy on immigration.

Spotlight: "Where Have All the Good Men Gone?" - Gender and Online Dating

Derek A. Kreager, Population Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University;
Shannon E. Cavanagh, University of Texas at Austin;
John Yen, Pennsylvania State University;
Mo Yu, Pennsylvania State University. 

Launching A New Tradition: The First Mini-PAA Conference (2014)

On April 22, 2014 the Graduate Program in Demography hosted a pre-PAA conference event (dubbed the "mini-PAA"). This event was entirely based on the papers and posters authored by graduate students in Penn State's Demography program that were accepted for presentation at the PAA Annual Meetings in Boston (2014). The mini-PAA provided the presenters the opportunity to formally present their work to their colleagues; an important opportunity given the breadth and depth of the dual-degree program in Demography at Penn State.

David Baker Presents the 'Education Revolution' at TEDx Event

Professor of Education and Sociology David Baker spoke at TEDxFulbright in Washington DC. The April event was titled “Dare to Think,” and featured 16 dynamic talks from Fulbright alumni. Dr. Baker spoke to the audience about “The Education Revolution and Our Global Future.”

The U.S. Census Research Data Center—A Valuable New Resource for Penn State Demographers

On April 7–8, 2014, the Department of Economics and the Population Research Institute (PRI) held an opening conference—Social Science Research Using the RDC Network—to introduce Penn State’s new U.S. Census Bureau Research Data Center (RDC) and raise awareness of the RDC among Penn State researchers.

Study Finds Racial/Ethnic Disparities in ADHD Diagnoses by Kindergarten Entry

To date, little research has been conducted on health disparities that may be occurring as children enter kindergarten. A recent Penn State study found that, compared to otherwise similar white children, those who are black or from non-English speaking households, are less likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


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